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As always, consult your fertility doctor before taking any of these. I am not a doctor, obviously!

After about a year of trying to conceive, a failed IVF transfer and a few embryos on ice, I decided to call in the experts, and by experts I mean a really reputable naturopath dealing with fertility patients. Why a naturopath and not my GP you ask? Because in my part of the universe (British Columbia, Canada), there is a health care and housing crisis and you may wait for years for a family doctor. So, Naturopath it was. Not to mention, most GPs will not support the use of supplements because they aren’t FDA or Health Canada approved or monitored for quality control – I learned this recently, apparently supplements can completely lie about what’s in them (within reason) and get away with it. Shop at your own risk.

Not everyone believes in supplements, and that’s totally fine. I don’t in a lot of cases, however in the case of my infertility, I am of the mind that it cannot harm my odds. Especially those backed by science. So here I’ll do my best (as a person who failed science in high school) to break down what science I found around taking these mysterious pills.

Currently my IVF supplement list is as follows and has come from a few sources – I have found scholarly articles and studies on some of them, my naturopath suggested others, and the book “It Starts with the Egg”, which is highly controversial, recommended a few others. I didn’t take this book as gospel by any means but it has helped break down some of the science for me.

Also note, some of these are good for pregnancy as is, or trying to conceive, while others benefit blastocyst production and the endometrium for IVF/Assisted Reproductive Technology patients.

A caution for those taking supplements for egg retrieval and FET – consult your fertility doctor because some of these supplements should not be taken during pregnancy or in preparation for it. Some may simply have no effect, and there’s no need to take them once retrieval has been completed (or IUI!).

So there we have it, the 700 pills I take a day. I recommend doing the research yourself to decide if any of these are right for you or not. At this stage in our IVF journey I’ll take any help I can get so I was willing to use the kitchen sink approach.

IVF Blog IVF Journey Infertility Supplements for IVF TTC

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